Brownies Kukus

Bolu kukus moka aka Brownies kukus

Bahan :

* 4 butir telur
* 100 gr terigu
* 100 ml susu kental manis
* 150 gr gula
* 150 ml minyak sayur
* 1 sdt emulsifier
* 40 gr coklat bubuk
* 1 sdt pasta moka
* 80 gr meises atau dark cooking coklat parut

Cara Membuat :

  1. Kocok telur, gula dan emulsifier sampai kaku, kemudian masukkan susu kental manis, pasta moka dan minyak sayur, kocok sampai rata.
  2. Masukkan tepung terigu dan coklat bubuk, aduk rata.
  3. Isi 1/2 bagian cetakan dengan adonan, sisa adonan disisihkan.
  4. Kukus dengan api sedang selama 10 menit (minimal, lebih juga gpp), kemudian taburi dengan meises atau dark cooking coklat. Setelah itu tuang dengan sisa adonan. Tutup dan kukus lagi selama 20 menit.


It all begun.....

We first met summer 2003 in Darmstadt. Terre was still with another guy, so we were just friends. Once I knew that Terre'd broken up, I made my first move. I sent her going to USA from Frankfurt Airport (07.01.2004). It all begun.

I first saw Steve in the Indonesian Church in Darmstadt while he was playing his guitar. We barely talked. He was a really quite person, compared to me at least. We, somehow, slowly became friends. We were good friends indeed. When I moved to USA (07.01.2004), I just realized that I needed him more than just a friend. It all begun.

29 February 2004

As Terre lived in USA, I realized that I cared about her more than just a friend. I prayed for my right one. On March 1, 2004 (German time) I told her my feelling about her. I was hoping she felt the same way.

It was Febr 29, 2004 (Georgia time), steve called me again. We talked like hours before he suddenly told me what he felt for me. I wasn't really surprised, since I felt it too. God had answered my prayers.


Our (almost) 4 Years Together - Part One

Some thought we're brother and sister because we look alike. We've counted it actually. So far, about 30 people said so. Some thought Steve was older than Terre, but in fact, Terre is 2 years older than Steve. Some never thought that Terre was a Bataknese and Steve was a Chinese. In fact, Steve never thought having a Bataknese girlfriend, as well as Terre having a Chinese boyfriend. But we are meant to complete each other, as God has planned it long before we knew.

As Terre had finished her study, her parents asked her to go back home. But having a long distance relationship was not what Terre and Steve wanted. Terre confinced her family to let her stay longer in Germany to take a second master degree. We both applied to different universities in Baden Wüttermberg. Steve got accepted in FH Furtwangen, while Terre got in Universität Konstanz. We were only 2 hours away by train. So, we managed to visit each other once a week.

Our (almost) 4 Years Together - Part Two

Since we both had talked about marriage, we faced the problem of telling it to our parents. Terre comes from Bataknese family, who is expected to marry a Bataknese man. While Steve comes from Chinese-Indonesian family, who does not understand any of Batak traditions. After lots of discussions with both families, they finally understood why we wanted to get marry. We flew together to Indonesia to meet our families. We respect each other family as well as our family respect our relationship. For us, knowing each other family is very important since we define marriage as not only a unification of two people, but of two families.

As we were in Indonesia, we met up in Bali. Steve went to Bali with his family, while Terre and his family flew to Bali several days later. We really enjoyed being in Bali. We visited some of Steve's uncles, relaxed on the beach, and ate a lot of Indonesian foods. The last night before Steve left Bali to go to Germany, he bowed on his knee and proposed to her.

Our (almost) 4 Years Together - Part Three

As we started dating, we desire to seek God's will. We may think differently. We may prefer different approach in overcoming certain things. But with God as our head, we across our differences toward his righteousness. We'd search for a biblical church and God led us to Bible Baptist Church. We've grown together, been strengthened, and learnt more about the Bible. We really appreciate our pastor, our brothers, and our sisters for their prayers and warm supports.

As Christians we'd like to build a Christian family that's based on the Bible. We asked our pastor and his wife to lead us a pre-wedding counseling. Having the counseling, we've learnt many things about being a Christian spouse as well as Christian parents. And most of all, we've learnt that love is giving.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
John 3:16